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Free 300 Football was born for a long time. Regardless of which nation Regardless of gender Both are widely popular playing football. Because football is a fun game to play Relax Importantly, it strengthens the friendships of friends. With the strategy of playing that Not complicated or complicated problem

With easy rules Causing both adults, young children and older children to play Even the annual event by province Or various festivals, often leading the football game as the protagonist In almost everything To enhance the enjoyment of viewing and competitions always Today we will introduce the basic single ball betting methods. Let’s start studying. ลิเวอร์พูล

Free 300 Football

– Handicap is a number (0.5 / 1) will be the bargain price. Of course, the red team will be the next team. And the blue team will be the secondary team

– The home team is the flow rate indicator. Water price is an important variable for calculating ball bill. For example, we bet 100 baht. Water price is 0.98. When we win, we will receive a 198 baht refund. It is the profit that will be gained.

– The visitor team Is not different from the price of the home team It is the price of the secondary team. ข่าวบอล

– Goals are the total number of goals scored by both teams coming together. Is an indicator of Bet on the ball – high – low. If the price comes out at 2.5 / 3, if both high, the team shoots higher, then high, if low, then low.

-The higher is that this will be the water price The higher you bet, the higher the win. This will tell you the profit price.

-The lower is that this is the water price If you bet low, if winning is low, this will tell you the profit price.

HT. Half time. Here will tell the match in the first half. The same is true of the original. But as for the half time, this is only the half game schedule

– A ticket or simply call That is the bill that concludes that What are the selected teams? And how much money

-B When we want to bet The next team or secondary team, high or low, according to the rate we want now.

– When we select the team that wants to bet Already Will appear on the side of the ticket and place bets immediately according to the amount we have

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